Meet the team

Our team combines deep experience in research, law, economics, engineering, and technology – leaders in personal data innovation, technology entrepreneurship and enterprise-scale solutions.

We’re always looking for great people to join us.

Irene NG

Irene is a leading voice on personal data innovation. She’s a market design economist, Turing Fellow, Senior Member of Wolfson College Cambridge, and Professor, University of Warwick. Previously, Irene grew her first business to $250M turnover, and runs a family office in Asia.

Shawn Yeager

VP of Sales
With over 25 years of experience and $300 million in revenues, Shawn has built software and digital media startups from scratch, accelerated growth-stage tech companies with game-changing deals & partnerships, and made his mark at industry giants like Microsoft and Accenture.

Philip Midcalf

VP of Managed Services
and People
Philip is an established leader in managed services, cloud services, and the field of IT with over 25 years of experience. He develops and delivers client-facing services that drive mass adoption, while mentoring teams to provide exceptional service to the business.

Jonathan Holtby

VP of Marketing
Jonathan has over a decade of experience in early-stage technology. He is a two-time founder himself and has worked in emerging markets strategy with major tech brands including Avaya, BT, Hitachi, Google, and ZTE.

Jason Shong

VP of Finance
Jason has wide professional experience in civil and private service, consulting, and commercial line. His work has spanned startup and multinational corporations from Australia, to Malaysia to the UK. His strength lies in the ability to view problems from multiple perspectives.

Augustinas Markevicius

VP of Engineering
Always curious life hacker, ex-scientist, and software architect specialising in Scala. He created one of the smallest robots in the world and helped organisations with their digital transformation before becoming responsible for Dataswift's technical vision and development team.

Karen Ho

VP Product & Policy
Karen has a great bio. We promise. It just hasn't been posted yet.

Stay tuned!