Enabling the benefits of Data Economy 2.0

Dataswift provides the essential tools to give, take and use data responsibly

We are a technology business that enables everyone to benefit from Data Economy 2.0. Combining ethical, compliant, and privacy-preserving principles with technology infrastructure built to scale for the future.

What we do.

Organizations and developers get the APIs and tools they need to build scalable, data-rich applications with privacy and compliance built-in.

We offer a range of products that: give consumers ownership and control over their personal data; build richer relationships between individuals and enterprises through policy driven processing and portability; and built upon a rigorous ethical framework and scalable technology in the cloud.

Individuals get full ownership and control of their data. We see a time where the value of data is of benefit to everyone: Data Economy 2.0 - and our role is to enable anyone to benefit from this new economy through the development of technology, tools and infrastructure.

Our History

Dataswift has its origins in the £1.2m Hub-of-All-Things (HAT) project funded by the Research Councils UK’s Digital Economy Programme.

The project ran from 2013 to 2016, bringing together academic researchers from the domains of Economics, Business, Computing and the Arts across six UK universities: Warwick, Surrey, Nottingham, Cambridge, West England and Edinburgh.

Over the past eight years, nine UK universities and more than £10m in research grants have been involved in the development of the legal, economic and technology of the technology that power Dataswift’s Personal Data Accounts.

We welcome partnerships with progressive businesses who share our ambitions to build the Data Economy 2.0.

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