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How It Works

Give Customers a Data Account

A simple, secure, single point of storage for their data. Your customers further benefit from being able to verify themselves with your data and to conveniently keep their information up to date.

Single Sign-on through Universal IDs

Data Accounts come with Universal IDs that can login to all services in your network, and that of your partners.

Your Data

But only the data you wish to share. Or store all the customer data in their Data Aaccounts for cost savings.

Mobilize Customers' Data

Enable your customers to bring their data to your partners. This is to their benefit and trust, as customer Data Accounts render your data flows completely legal and scalable.

and Monetize

Receive compensation whenever your customer shares their data. Incorporate our Data Passport and Data Terminal into your workflow to receive up-to-date data shared by your customers.

Process Data
at the Edge

Build private functions to run on your customers' Data Accounts and enrich your data with other available data sourced elsewhere.

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