Data Account Features and Benefits for Individuals

Data Accounts empower you, as an individual, to license the data you own to apps and websites directly as “legal tender” for services.

The technology powering Data Accounts is a decentralized personal data server that provides personal data protection and grants ownership and control of all personal data to you, the individual. So you control login, authentication, verification and licensing of your private, personal data.

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Look for this icon in apps and websites that use Data Accounts.

Personal Data Accounts Secured by Dataswift One


Connect and store aggregated activities, memories and messages from multiple personal data collection sources.

One Data Account per person, unique and made for keeps, like a phone number. With private storage and processing capabilities, it's powerful and extensible.


Insights to understand each connection’s intentions, terms of use and security levels for collection and storage…before connecting.

Use your Data Account to login to a growing array of apps and websites. It's simple and fast, just like those other social logins, except you choose which data are shared, for what and for how long.


Control personal data collected and protect it with legally binding data-sharing, storage and monitoring agreements.

With each new Data Account-ready app, the amount of personal data grows – always in your control. You can even install personal apps and extensions to gain further insights into your data.

Build Equity

Build value over time, across networks of apps and website transactions, then license that data back to those whom you grant access.

It's your personal data. Of course, you should own and control it. Why not build a little equity while you're at it? License only what you want to share with companies in exchange for other services (or even cash).