Dataswift One

Our infrastructure product allows you to offer and manage Data Accounts via a simple API.

With Dataswift One, you can manage, access, process and transport customer data using Data Accounts, responsibly and effortlessly, right now.

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Give your customers a
Data Account.

A free, simple, secure store for all their personal data.

Give back complete ownership and control over what your customer shares: from simple data to complex and regulated PII (personally identifiable information).

Data Accounts

Read and write via our SDKs and APIs.

Use our APIs to get permission, obtain and set data, and manage all of your customer Data Accounts.

All the hard work is already done to make your apps ethical by default, so you can focus on your business and building value, rather than on complexity and compliance.

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Scale with lower cost and complexity.

Simple pricing aligned to when your customer base grows; no re-engineering costs or added complexity with scale.

Stay ahead of costs by building on a platform designed to work from just one customer to any possible scale of enterprise.

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Go even further with Dataswift Plus.

Extend your applications by building private functions to run on Data Accounts to process data at the edge.

Personal AI and data portability for your customers. Find out what comes next.

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Accelerate your discovery, design and implementation.

Dataswift Plus

Extend your apps with private functions and process data at the edge.