Dataswift One

Build trusted apps using your their data.

Dataswift One allows you to manage, access, and process customer data using Personal Data Accounts; ethically and effortlessly, right now.

How it works

1. Give users a
Personal Data Account.

A free, simple, secure store for all of their personal data. Or simply use their existing account if they have one already.

Give back complete ownership and control over what your customer shares: from simple data to complex and regulated PII.

2. Get and set via our
SDKs and APIs.

Use our APIs to get permission, get and set data, and manage all of your customer PDAs.

All of the hard work is already done - making your apps ethical by default, so you can focus on business logic and building value, rather than complexity and compliance.

3. Scale with lower cost and compexity.

Simple pricing aligned to when your customer base grows, and no re-engineering costs or added complexity with scale.

Stay ahead of costs by building on a platform designed to work from just one customer to any possible scale of enterprise.

Go even further with Dataswift Plus.

Extend your applications through building private functions to run on the PDA to process data at the edge.

Personal AI and data portability for your customers. Find out what comes next.

Get Started

If you’re a developer, you can start immediately with our API documentation.

If you need support on design and implementation, speak to our Solutions team.

Developer Resources and API
Get access to the API and start building.

Developer resources

For Enterprise
Ensure the best outcomes for your business and speak to our solutions team.

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See it in use

Powering financial
One-Zero Me uses Dataswift One to unlock greater opportunity in financial services with customer-owned personal data.
See what they built
thinking for HR tech
Edari One uses our platform to deliver HR data portability and savings for their recruiting clients and candidates.
See what they built
Concierge quality
Cérge use Dataswift One to unlock retail insights and supercharge their customer service.
See what they built

Simple, scalable pricing per call



For up to 30,000 API calls per month.
Ideal for startups and new websites/applications. Fully compliant and ethical from the get-go. The way they should be.


For blocks of 200,000 API calls per month.
As your website/application gains traction, optimise your costs with Scaleup.


For blocks of 500,000 API calls per month.
Focus on delivering the best experience to your customers, knowing that compliance and personal data privacy are handled.
Core functionality and ethical by design across all tiers.
No matter how simple or complex your application - you’re always building on better foundations.
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• 100 MB Storage for each PDA
• Authentication
• Password Management
• Contract Review & Creation
• Auto-generated permissions
• Analytics
• Full Governance Protocols for
• GDPR/CCPA Compliance

Benefits of building
on better foundations

Trust from your customers

By giving back personal data, you build trust. And trust pays. 95% of customers are more likely to be loyal to a company they trust, while 92% are more likely to purchase additional products and services.

Reduced risk of non-compliance

Build costly, complex systems to respond to never-ending subject access requests. Or build for the future – ethically and effortlessly.

Lower cost and complexity

Build new data-driven products and create new revenue streams, with compliance, privacy, and consent built-in. And no pricing surprises.
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Do even more
with Dataswift

Dataswift One is just the start.

Build more complex solutions with our support via Jumpstart, or extend the platform functionality with Dataswift Plus.

For Enterprise - Ensure the best outcomes with our rapid design and implement programme.

Accelerate with Jumpstart

Do even more with Dataswift Plus - Unlock processing at the edge, personal AI and just the data you need.

Do more with Dataswift Plus

Still not sure where to start?

Spend just 30 minutes with us on a walk-through call, and we can help you identify two opportunities to rebuild relationships with your customers.
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