Transform your business with self-Sovereign data

Whether you’re struggling with global data regulation compliance or looking to amplify customer engagement, Dataswift’s product transformation program can help you unlock the potential of data and accelerate the growth of your business.

Unlock the Potential of Data

Don't Let Compliance Confine You

With our decentralized, self-sovereign data accounts, you can separate the service of your app or website from the data. The Dataswift System provides enhanced security, privacy preservation, access control and cross-border data portability, all fully compliant with global data regulations.

Dataswift One

Enable your App/website to offer and manage Data Accounts via a simple API


Accelerate discovery and creation of data assets for your data wallet

Dataswift Plus

With private functions at the edge to create new data assets


Create a marketplace for better engagement and growth

Our Data Ecosystem program helps you transform your product to match your customer journeys, enabling your customers to use verified data with your partners and vice versa. Acquire new partners and create new data assets quickly without cumbersome, time-consuming legal or technical integration.


Enable your customers to transport your data assets to ecosystem partners.


Enable your ecosystem partners to sign up in minutes to discover/verify/receive data assets.

Data Source Connectors

Enable new partners to contribute data assets to your data wallet.
Build Your Data Ecosystem

Innovate with Self-Sovereign Data

Join our open source community with our sandbox product supporting innovation for enterprises and universities.

The HATLAB Studio

The decentralized mindset requires a reorientation of our current logic of building technology services and tools. The HATLAB Studio is an annual subscription to our developers portal as well as support and expertise to ideate, create and innovate new decentralized platforms, apps and ecosystems.

HATLAB Studio incorporates our open sourced Citizen App project where Dataswift is working with our global innovation community to enable Server owners to view the contents of all Data Accounts in their database and manage access to all enabled connections. The Citizen App has data connectors with Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Fitbit and Google Calendar.
More about the Citizen App community