Don’t let compliance confine you.

We provide developers with infrastructure (compute, storage, database), APIs, and SDKs to easily build apps that are compliant with strict new privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. This enables you to securely and legally transact on sensitive customer data.

Dataswift One

Allows you to offer and manage Data Accounts via a simple API.


Accelerate your discovery, design and implementation.

Dataswift Plus

Extend your apps with private functions and process data at the edge.

Build your own data ecosystem with our technologies.

Current ways of creating value with data is unscalable. Our Solution takes away all the hard work by enabling you to start your own data ecosystem within 30 working days.


Enable first- and zero-party data storage and access into and from a Data Account to store portable data.

Merchant Data Terminal

Enable second-party data access from a Data Account to transact on 'Data Passes'.

Data Source Connectors

Enable third-party data storage into a Data Account for sharing with other applications.
Find out more about our Data Passport System

Create a multi-partner data ecosystem with the Citizen App.

Open sourced to be fashioned into any app integrated with PDAs

The Citizen App Data Account Dashboard

The Citizen App is an open-sourced project by Dataswift (from 1 Feb 2022), working with the community to enable Decentralized Data Server owners to view the contents of all the Data Accounts in their database and disable access to connections that have been enabled. The Citizen App comes with the following 'Data Plugs' to enable individuals to claim their data: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Fitbit, Google Calendar.
Find out more about the community here