For Individuals



FREE for Individuals

Includes unlimited connections
and 100MB of personal data storage



FREE for Developers

Get started building immediately with the Dataswift One API and SDK

For Organizations

Simple, scalable pricing per call.



Up to

30,000 API calls/mo

Ideal for startups, new websites, and new applications. Fully compliant and ethical from the get-go. The way they should be.



Up to

200,000 API calls/mo

As your website/application gains traction, optimise your costs with Scaleup.



Up to

500,000 API calls/mo

Focus on delivering the best experience to your customers, knowing that compliance and personal data privacy are handled.

Core functionality and ethical by design across all tiers.

No matter how simple or complex your application—you’re always building on better foundations.

  • 100 MB Storage for each PDA
  • Authentication
  • Password Management
  • Contract Review & Creation

  • Auto-Generated Permissions
  • Analytics
  • Full Governance Protocols for
    Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA Regulations