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Elyria DE2 is a collaboration of the City of Elyria, Case Western Reserve University and Dataswift

Elyria residents are the first residents to have a data passport on personal data accounts in the USA.

About Elyria DE2

The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a searching light upon American society. Old problems - social equity, health, educational disparities - have been emphasized like never before, while newer issues such as digital connectivity and online trust have also emerged. Hardest hit has been those places already left behind. At the same time, the virus has also accelerated changes to working and social life. Across America, communities must now ask what they can do to survive and thrive in our emerging reality.

Elyria as a Data Economic Zone: from the Rust Belt to Data Economy 2.0
Today, Elyria, a town of 55,000 in northern Ohio, is working to re-imagine the 21st century digital community. Under the leadership of Mayor Frank Whitfield, the city is convening resources from around the world in order to generate ideas and innovations that will define urban communities in the post-pandemic era.



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You don’t have to wait for our next event to get started on building your app on organisation and personal data accounts.

Elyria Business Data Passport

  • For businesses to store and use data within the zone 
  • Businesses are able to use and transact on personal data owned by other businesses and individuals
  • Businesses can share and create value from their own data

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Elyria Personal Data Passport

  • For residents of Elyria to hold data products (profiles) on individuals privately while enabling safe
    transactions with businesses
  • Universal data products in the data passport that can be used and reused by businesses
  • Data products can be verified by third party sources (e.g. vaccinations)
  • Can be used online and physically in store
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