Case Study

Concierge quality

Cérge use Dataswift One to unlock retail insights and supercharge their customer service.

What does Cérge offer?

Cérge is your click and collect concierge. Cérge allows an individual to automatically notify a shop that they have arrived without having to press a button, make a phone call, or get out of their car. As you drive into the carpark of a shop you trust, Cérge recognises your location and intent, then informs the shop attendant that you have arrived. The attendant locates your order, and Cérge allows the attendant to recognise you, greet you on a first name basis, and then deliver your order to your car. All of this, done seamlessly and automatically, whilst the individual sits in their car.

When dealing with personal data, the leadership team at Cerge wanted to make all decisions based upon three key elements: ethics, technology and scalability. Any foundations which they built their application upon needed to be ethical by design, rather than navigating the chaotic landscape of compliance and user trust. Cerge needed a partner and platform which could deliver all three.

“Within such a chaotic environment as personal digital data and privacy, Dataswift stood out as the shining example of how to structure and govern a business model built on personal data. The technology and architecture of the PDA has been methodically designed and constructed to ensure a complete solution for aspiring businesses such as Cérge. And finally, the X-factor of scalability.”

How did Dataswift help?

Cérge utilises Dataswift Personal Data Accounts for individuals to store their personal data in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Using geolocation, the consumer will be able to share digital data with participating retailers within a defined proximity of the store in exchange for premier service, exclusive offers, bonus loyalty points, or discounts.

Consumers opt-in individually to each participating retailer, ensuring all data transfers are permission-based and in full control of the individual.

What benefits has it delivered?

Cérge explain how Dataswift have allowed their business to move and iterate rapidly, saving on re-engineering costs.

“The extensive strategy, thinking, ecosystem and commercial acumen behind PDAs ensured we jumped in 'boots and all' to become partners. We have pivoted three times in those 9 months as we rapidly move to bring our business to life. We are very excited to be working with Irene and the team, as Dataswift looks to scale.”

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Concierge quality
Cérge use Dataswift One to unlock retail insights and supercharge their customer service.
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